Nice time for Spring Vehicle Maintenance.

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Nice time for Spring Vehicle Maintenance.

Nice time for .

It??s that time of year again, . Your is ready to be treated well after a long, hard winter and you will need to make sure that a full is done to keep your car or truck in perfect operating order. Let??s take a look at some of the most important factors in the .


Wiper blades. These are an important part of . You??ll want to replace old blades or clean newer ones that have gone through the rigors of winter. Wiper blades should be replaced every six months anyway, so doing it during your clean up is perfect timing.

Washing. The salt that is used to melt ice on roads can be very damaging to your car, so now that is here, give it a thorough washing from top to bottom. Make sure you rinse the undercarriage as well, since this is where a lot of rust happens without you noticing.

Waxing. This is the perfect time to wax your so it will last for a while and be easier to clean next time. You should also repair any chips in the paint at this time.

Tires. Check your tire pressure and top up if needed. Keeping your tires at optimum pressure will save you hundreds of dollars in gas and tire wear, so this should be a regular thing, not just for .


Oil. You should change your oil every 3 to 4 months, so an easy way to remember that is to simply change with the change of seasons. Your is the ideal time to do this.

Tune up. Get a tune up now, to make sure that your is in great condition for summer driving, when most longer trips are taken. This will allow you to travel safely to weddings or on vacation.

Fluid levels. A quick check of all fluid levels is a good idea at this point, too. Make sure everything is topped up so your engine will be running at top efficiency and you won?? have to deal with problems in this area later on.


Interior. Now that the weather is warmer, you??ll be able to get out the vacuum and get rid of the clutter and garbage that built up over the winter! Clean out your car??s interior and vacuum for a nicer driving atmosphere.

Brakes. A break check should be done every to ensure that they are in perfect working order. You may not even realize that your brakes aren’ working properly, since we tend to get used to them as time goes on. This can end up being very dangerous, so get them checked before you head into .

Other systems. Your checkup is a good time to review all other areas of your , replace broken lights and repair any other problems that you have been leaving until warmer weather.

A is the ideal way to ensure that your is ready to drive and is safe to do so for the and summer months. This includes checking out the main systems, fixing up your car and removing the winter salt and grime that can be damaging, as well as replacing parts like the windshield wipers for better visibility. Its an important part of car upkeep. You should also do a winter session to ensure that your is ready for winter, six months or so from now.

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Chevy 454 Truck burnout

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Chevy 454 Truck burnout


Having a little with the 454! ))

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