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10 Powerful WordPress Plugins


10 Powerful WordPress Plugins

10 Powerful WordPress Plugins

You’ve probably seen all those wonderful WordPress plugins. Or have you? Here are 10 powerful WordPress plugins that will elevate your blog above the typical SEO’d site… and then some.

Advanced Permalinks (UrbanGiraffe.com) allows you to easily change your blog’s permalink structure, while minimizing the potential loss in search engine rankings as a result of such a change.

What particularly intrigues me, however, is the ability to specify a different permalink structure per Category. That will certainly yield creative opportunities with blogs that follow a silo structure.

WYSIWYG Plugin (MudBomb.com) gives you a better editor than the built-in Visual editor of WordPress. It lends you added flexibility when embedding images, for example, within your blog post. Perfect for bloggers who like to add photos every now and then.

Drain Hole (UrbanGiraffe.com) is a download manager that allows you to quickly see how many times a file has been downloaded over time.

If, for example, you offer shareware ebooks for download, you will be able to quickly see which titles are more popular than others. Plus, whenever you upload a new version of an ebook, your blog post will automatically update and show the ebook’s new filedate and other version information.

FAQ-Tastic Plugin (KnowledgeConstructs.com) makes managing FAQs a breeze. It also allows your readers to submit their questions, and even ensure that your FAQ is search engine optimized.

Filled In Plugin (UrbanGiraffe.com) allows you to easily create forms or customized questionnaires, validate the data entered into those forms, and then send you the data. No longer will you have to suffer the limitations of the basic WP comment form.

Page Link Manager Plugin (GMurphey.com) helps you to easily choose which WP pages will appear in your sidebar. If you like creating a lot of pages, you will appreciate how you can de-clutter your sidebar or navigation areas.

NextGEN Gallery (alexrabe.boelinger.com) is perfect for you who have lots of photos to display in your WP blog. You can even integrate the photos in your header. You know what they say about photos, right? These help keep visitors in your site longer.

OneClick Plugin (AnirudhSanjeev.org) allows you to quickly install WP plugins and themes with just, well… one click. It can also delete files and folders without warning you first (no are you sure‘s), so please be sure you are wide awake and alert before clicking.

Search Unleashed Plugin (UrbanGiraffe.com) highlights the terms your visitors were searching for, if they land on your blog post after using a search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN).

If visitors can easily find what they were searching for, they will like your site even more.

Search Everything Plugin (DanCameron.org) helps your visitors search not only through blog posts, but also through pages, and even comments. You can also control which Categories to exclude from the search, if you wish.

And there you have it. Ten powerful WordPress plugins to add spunk to your blogs, and to give your visitors a better browsing experience.

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