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Where to Buy the Cheapest Auto Parts

December 25th, 2009 Labelle Chevrolet 224 comments

Where to Buy the Cheapest Auto Parts

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Cheap and quick auto parts can be obtained almost anywhere, although it’s just a matter of being able to know where they exist and how to find them. Furthermore, many people make a living off of buying cheap auto parts and selling them on auction websites on the internet, including eBay. It’s time for you to tap into the industry of the cheap auto parts , though, and be able to have some of the same privileges as those who are already selling them! If you need to know where to get these sort of connections then here is your chance to take the information and run with it to the auto parts that you need and want.

The Best and Cheapest Exterior Auto Parts

One of the great places to go about getting cheap exterior auto parts is the junk yard. Even though the junk yard is absolutely not worth getting mechanical parts from, the exterior parts of an automobile are generally considered safe to be purchased. The main reason for this is that you automatically know what you’re getting. Consider this: if you see a front bumper of a car with a dent on the right side, then you know that you’ll be getting and buying a bumper with a dent on the right side. Furthermore, some of these auto parts flaws can easily be fixed if one knows enough about the auto parts that they’re buying. All in all, though, junk yards are definitely some of the better places to get the cheapest and authentic exterior auto parts .

The Best and Cheapest Mechanical Auto Parts

Just as junk yards are the best places to get your hands on some of the cheapest exterior auto parts , there are also places that handle the cheapest mechanical and engine auto parts . Usually these can be purchased through wholesale lots of people who routinely sell auto parts , but this also means that you will have to purchase a lot at a time in order to get the part that you want for really cheap. Even so, it is definitely worth the price to get a whole bunch of engine or mechanical auto parts from a wholesale lot dealer just because you can also turn around and re-sell them for a major profit!

Where Auto Parts Should Not Be Purchased

There are plenty of places to get some of the cheapest auto parts , and two examples were listed above. There are also some places, though, that should absolutely not be contacted for any sort of auto part whatsoever. These places are car dealerships, and most of the time these places deal with strictly manufactured and warranted auto parts through the automobile company itself. This also means that they will be some of the most expensive, which is why they shouldn’t be bought there.

Auto Insurance and Leasing

December 25th, 2009 Labelle Chevrolet 463 comments

Auto Insurance and Leasing

Auto Insurance and Leasing

When leasing a car, it’s easier to stick with the same company for your
auto insurance. What you don’t know, however, is that you may end up
paying too much for your coverage and it’s better to look elsewhere for
lower rates.

When you lease, the vehicle that you will drive belongs to the leasing
company. They want to make sure that their investment is covered in the
event the vehicle gets damaged, totalled or stolen. They typically want
to get covered for the difference between what your auto-insurer pays and
your outstanding leasing obligations at the time of the accident or
damage. This is called GAP, short for Guaranteed Auto Protection, and is
usually included in the leasing contract.
If your leasing company is called BMW Financial Services, Chrysler
Financial or any other finance division of an automaker, then chances are
your GAP insurance will be offered by the same lease company.

You are under no obligation to accept GAP insurance included as part of
your lease agreement. Why pay an insurance premium if you could get the
same coverage for a lower price?
Invest some time shopping by comparing quotes from other insurance
companies, including your existing one. Ask for discounts that you already
qualify for and adjust your coverage accordingly.

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